Community Manager Hangout notes 11/23/12

I realized my community has no idea how to be a community- if they did, they would self- correct when they got off topic, they would have a vision of what it means to be sister organizations. As it is they have no idea how to reach out to one another (perhaps tied in to their lack of knowledge of how they themselves want to be, their can’t imagine how their sisters would be either or how they could then fit together and interact). They don’t know how to reach out, get help, publicly admit failure, set goals, tell their own story, much less share others’ stories and be advocates (apart perhaps from vaguely patronizing efforts on behalf of outside groups like “the poor” or “minorities” or “Muslim girls in Pakistan”).

Education through newsletters is one way of shaping, guiding, and vision casting. Segmentation can make this more personal, while leveraging the power of groups and doing one thing at a time.

If we’re doing social media, does that mean we need to be extreme content creation as well (to add to the online conversation)? If not, made Pinterest is a good solution for us for curation.

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