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Logitech Wave Arabic by flickr user Iwan Gabovitch CC BY

Photo by Iwan Gabovitch (Creative Commons: Attribution 2.0)

My latest post is up at FluentU, for which I combed through Arabic-language blogs and ranked them by skill level for language students to read.

The blogs that made the list are a colorful cross section of online Arab culture that – I think – would be of interest even if you’re not studying a right-to-left language…and I wrote the post in English, so that makes it pretty accessible too. 🙂 Scroll half-way down to skip the study tips and go straight for the blog roll.

The blogs in the list cover cultural ground, literary quotes, micro-ethnographies, politics, graphic design, the job market, and consumer technology. Writing that list just now, it occurs to me that a glaring omission was religion, but I’ll be offering up a little of that in the next post I have in the works for FluentU, which will point out the best places on the internet you can listen to the Quran, the Bible, and the Baha’i sacred text, al-Kitaab al-Aqdas, being read aloud, in addition to other “audiobooks”.

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    1. frui9293 Post author

      Excellent question, which I unfortunately don’t have the answer to. I haven’t heard a date put forth, and I’m not aware of the stages they typically go through with a new language rollout. Pestering them can never hurt – just a sign of enthusiasm.


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