Notes from #cmgrhangout 9/21/12

Who are our firecy loyal constituents, who when the isht hits the fan, they are calming others down, doing the work of the company even though they’re no paid don’t have job descriptions. (No, really, note to self: name them and think about them.)

If you just throw spaghetti at the wall, some of what sticks – who’s present and what they’re about – may not be what you want to cultivate. Have to do more guiding. Focus on those people who “get it” and zoom in on the right area.

Who are people non-geographically who are having the “right” conversations? What can I do to connect them? With a business you have the focus of a product. With an NPO, you just have your mission and projects, but people can still have lifestyle tie-ins, not just to what you’re doing but to bigger ideas.

You can only recruit people who have a need for the community. Loyalty – become a source of their happiness. (Pride, trust, and passion – e.g. Harley Davidson, which  – note – is an offline community). Communities make happier constituents, who in turn do more. Proud to belong and therefore share the news. They are an R&D team for you.

Metrics: How many connections are formed?

Everyone is an owner – the “we” attitude. Create something together. Even if every constituent collects a donation themselves and then brings it together at the end – they’ve done it together, so the community manager needs to highlight the “creation together” process. Make them the stars of the show.

Also, NPO community case study.

Book mentioned in convo by Sarah Robinson

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